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NeonCRM by Z2 Systems, Inc.

NeonCRM cloud database empowers organizations to raise more revenue through automation, while helping staff streamline day-to-day processes within one truly connected platform.

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NeonCRM cloud database empowers nonprofit organizations to raise more revenue while leveraging automation to help staff streamline day-to-day processes within one truly connected, user-friendly platfo

NeonCRM cloud database empowers nonprofit organizations to raise more revenue while leveraging automation to help staff streamline day-to-day processes within one truly connected, user-friendly platform. This enables nonprofits s to have their most important constituent information in one dedicated database, accessible from any internet connection. Unlike most nonprofit software counterparts, NeonCRM’s online forms integrate easily with any website, auto feed information directly to NeonCRM, and allow for real-time, low percentage credit card processing and recurring payments.  The result is larger gifts, less data entry for staff, and a swifter return on your technology investment.  NeonCRM is an industry leading platform for nonprofit organizations of all sizes that are in need of strong relationship management for increased personal engagement and a truly connected CRM (Constituent Relationship Management).


Not surprisingly, fundraising is moving from an “offline” environment to an “online” environment as time moves on and NeonCRM is ready for all generations.  In a June 2013 report by The Chronicle of Philanthropy online giving increased by over 14% between 2011 and 2012.  NeonCRM was built from the ground up as a multi-channel fundraising system, allowing for instant automated tax receipts via email, event registration tracking, automated membership management, and much more.  NeonCRM’s email audience builder and built-in email services allows for centralized communication to solicit targeted audience segments without the need to leverage a 3rd party email service provider, saving nonprofits additional software costs and keeping communication data in the same place as everything else.  NeonCRM also provides easy to use, in-depth reporting and mail tracking allowing for traditional direct mail appeals as well.


Make the most of your fundraising efforts with powerful utilities that will help you save time and increase giving.  The NeonCRM database provides your organization with an amazing array of tools to increase outreach and make each fundraising campaign more successful.  By automating many common processes and providing a unified fundraising platform, NeonCRM is able to save your organization valuable time and money while increasing donations and donor services.  NeonCRM also integrates with a number of partner software providers like Quickbooks, Wealth Engine, Google Maps, MailChimp, DonorPath, WordPress, Drupal, USPS and more.  Our open-API also makes incredible development options available.  Call or emails us today for a quick chat and needs analysis to see if NeonCRM is right for your nonprofit organization.


For a 30-day free trial or a 30-minute free consultation, please give us a call at 888.860.6366 option 1, email us at sales(at), or go to today!





  •  NeonCRM changed all aspects of our management to be lean, flexible and strong…We have found the system to be dynamic to our needs and a strength to our organization.  The team at Z2 Systems, Inc. has always been contactable, responsive and willing to hear user needs and adjust accordingly.  It has been one of the best investments we have made.

-Ashley Thomas, Executive Director, Bridge II Sports

  •  Our staff is really appreciating the many ways that NeonCRM is making their work easier. It has been a tremendous move forward for us to consolidate our two previous systems to one. We are also grateful for the quick response and excellent customer service we receive on requests for service and the great follow up.
-Monica Hiatt, Information and Media Manager, Center for Spiritual Living

  • The team at Z2 Systems converted all our household, individual, and organization stakeholder information as well as 10+ years of membership, donation, and registration  history into our NeonCRM database.  We now have everything we need in one database, and have been able to develop the reports we need using all of our history since day one!
-Bob Schmidt, Volunteer IT Consultant, North Lakeland Discovery Center

  •  NeonCRM is the single best investment our organization has made in technology. Any charity that is considering improving how it interfaces with donors and other constituents would do well to consider NeonCRM. I will gladly speak personally with anyone who wants information from a highly satisfied user.
-Bill Bro, Executive Director, Kidney Cancer Association





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NeonCRM by Z2 Systems, Inc.
910 West Van Buren St, Suite 710
Chicago, IL 60607
Phone: 888-860-6366 Option 2


  1. John said on September 5, 2013 5:08 pm:

    Excellent software if you are a PC based nonprofit, not apple compatible.

    If you are just starting out using Quickbooks it will work fine, if you are wanting to migrate QB data be prepared for having them do the migration for you, and potential difficulties still.

    Note, as of October 2013 the API is in beta, so you must use their giving pages to use the compatibility.

    Self-service, self import is good if you are small to mid-size. I highly encourage you to pay for phone support, pay for their services and budget accordingly – it’s necessary.

    When shopping for a CRM you always get what you pay for, keep this in mind.

  2. Kate Schlegel said on September 6, 2013 2:32 pm:

    Dear Non-Profit Colleague:

    I have worked with a wide variety of CRM systems including products like Blackbaud, PeopleSoft and Jonas. They have all worked and they have all had what they called customer support. They were all incredibly flawed and forced me to bend my needs to what they provided. They have all been tools that at best can be described as “working” and at worst “price gauging” because every little update required bundles of money.

    Then we began researching for a new system. We wanted something cloud based to help lesson our in-house technical support needs. We wanted something financially responsible to our membership based organization. We needed something that was responsive to OUR needs (and not force us to bend to them). We also needed access to a vibrant customer service system to support our staff.

    NEONCRM Z2 Systems’s NEONCRM was really an amazing find. This system is intuitive and is incredibly responsive to our quirky, small, but national organization. From the very first interactions with the sales staff, we have had a great experience and totally recommend NEON to anyone willing to listen. I HIGHLY recommend getting the phone customer service. It is an upgrade but well worth it because their tech team is AMAZING! They are kind, patient and incredibly knowledgeable. However, if that isn’t in your budget, the live chat is also very reliable and helpful.

    Probably the best part of this for us non-profit types is the way NEON is constantly updating. Let’s face it in today’s world it is almost impossible to keep up with the technological advances on our shoestring budgets. We love the fact that current NEON clients benefit from the community’s needs and receive regular upgrades as new clients come on board with updated needs and current clients pay for customization that are then available for everyone.

    Unfortunately, from a tech perspective, I have since changed organizations and am learning yet another outdated, unresponsive CRM system. I am looking forward to when my executive director turns to me and says we have the line budget item for an upgrade to a new CRM and I have to try to play it cool and not jump outta my seat yelling “NEON, WE NEED NEON!”

    Good luck with your search, but I would suggest you stop now and look no further.

    Catharine Schlegel
    Director of Development & Marketing

  3. Diana said on September 26, 2013 6:30 pm:

    We are very pleased in our decision to move from eTapestry to NeonCRM. We are going on our 3rd year and have no regrets. When we started we had just a few NeonCRM modules and have decided to go with the full package, seeing what it could do in the first years. We are now leveraging more data and understanding of our donors, supporters and members. We now do donations, membership, event registration, store, surveys(form builder), email broadcasts, and would like to do QuickBooks connect in the next year.

    We did the conversion in less than 30 days, by ourselves with really minimal problems. We are a small nonprofit and were trying to save every nickel and dime we could. I come from a very technical background and so that worked in our favor of doing it ourselves. But the successful conversion in that short of time frame shows how easy it was. Someone who has worked with excel spreadsheets and considers themselves a comfortable power user of Excel could likely do the same. If you have your current donors and some data you want to load it is clearly possible to import it into Neon.

    I highly recommend that anyone who goes with Neon, purchase the premium web form integration. It is one of the most priceless things you can do in our opinion as it gives your donors the feel of everything being under your umbrella and not being hijacked to some 3rd party place for transactions. Once you have that single one-time purchase in place all Neon stuff will have that web shell for your users piece of mind.

    I think the best questions someone asked me about Neon was, if one of the critical evaluation factors for the MWCA was annual costs of a system for your NPO, and you suddenly received a large sum of money and the cost of the system was no longer an issue would you stay with Neon? Unequivocally the answer is yes.

    Membership and Technology Support
    Montana Weed Control Association

  4. rwp said on April 28, 2015 9:46 am:

    As a comic books and literacy nonprofit, we work with a lot of professionals who need segmented appeals to ensure they support our mission. NeonCRM has been absolutely vital in centralizing all our information in one place for donations, events, communications, reporting, and a direct sync to Quickbooks Online.

    Being a Mac user, there are a lot of limited options when it comes to nonprofit software. But NeonCRM makes it easy with an iPhone app and also works on my Mac simply through opening up Safari. I’m on the go alot and having something load on my iPad to then sync over all my donations and event tickets to Quickbooks is great.

    Could not highly recommend NeonCRM more to any nonprofit out there who needs something affordable and easy to use while also engaging needs that could fit the smallest nonprofit to the largest enterprise organization. Their support is great as well and they’re utterly transparent about their services and fees! No surprises if you actually ask questions relating to your needs.