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Our professionally designed portfolio with over 300 templates provide an email solution targeting your customer base and widen your digital brand’s footprint. When your message is genuine, when

Marketingship gives you everything you need to create professional, effective email newsletters. No special design skills or technical training needed to make winning Marketing Campaigns with Marketingship. We provide intuitive tools to get the job done and take you through every step, start to finish.
Starting a New Email
Start an email from either Home or Email tab to speed up creation time.
Change the default subject line to attract attention and promote open rate.
Send your mails From a recognizable and trustworthy name and email, and have contacts Reply To a reliable name and email from your User Accounts to avoid spam filters and encourage opened mails.
Enable subscription permission and let readers join or leave your contact lists freely.
Let readers spread the word by letting them forward emails of interest to their friends.
Selecting a Template
Select from a variety of professional templates
Professionally crafted templates tailored for both Industry and Interest.
Use your own code or copy and paste a template from anywhere on the web
Create your own template from scratch
Editing Email Content
Our Comprehensive Editor makes adjusting templates to your needs quick and easy, adding tables, links, and images to create the perfect template.
Copy and paste content from any other online source and use it in your email with preserved formatting
Event tool lets you cross promote company events in outgoing emails.
Merge fields dynamically add contact information to outgoing emails give campaigns a personal touch.
Adding Links
Add Trackable links to your email to see what links attract attention and which do not
Create trackable links on the fly, or choose from a collection of previously created links in the Media Base.
Check link details and link statistics as you insert them into emails.
Embed Images and Videos to give your email a distinctive style.
Delivery Settings
Contact lists are defined by your campaign needs, not the other way around.
Each list can be filled with the most interested contacts to maximize contact response, and multiple contact lists can be selected at once to deliver to a wider audience.
Save Emails as a draft, send them immediately, or schedule them to be delivered at any date and time.
Make sure your emails won’t get flagged as spam with Spam Risk Analyzer and detailed risk report.
Email Autoresponders
Create a collection of appropriate emails for any situation
Have each mail sent at a specific time in relation to actions and dates
Send emails in response to contact list, event, or portal registration
Set custom response conditions for emails using any custom date field
Tracking and Reporting
One glance email reporting lets you see send, bounce, open, forward, unsubscribe, and link click rates for numerous emails instantly.
In depth statistic reports show times and dates each action is performed and by which contacts.
Bounce report reports which emails couldn’t be delivered, and why, and removes permanently undeliverable contacts from contact lists.
Comprehensive Link reporting sends back vital information on every trackable link in every email.


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