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Balanced Scorecard Software and Strategy Management

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Through strategic facilitation, training courses and the use of tried and tested software, we provide the expertise and tools and to help you develop and implement your strategy.

Balanced Scorecard Software –  If you are using Balanced Scorecard already or are thinking about implementing one, then you need a tool like QuickScore. QuickScore can help you link your Strategy to your Business Objectives, Metrics and Initiatives. It has powerful dashboard and report functionality and you can export everything to Word, PowerPoint, PDF and Excel.


Strategy Workshop Facilitation – Many companies and organisations are faced with a difficult challenge when attempting to define their strategic objectives.  We have developed a three session workshop based on the strategic principles found in the Balanced Scorecard Strategic Methodology. The methodology, which examines the four focus areas (or Perspectives) of Finance, Customer, Internal Business Processes and Capacity, Learning & Growth builds a ‘balanced’ strategy through the use of facilitated exercises.


Balanced Scorecard Training – Aimed at managers and practitioners that have already implemented or want to implement a Balanced Scorecard.  This course covers the introduction and then goes on to look at best practice through a case study critique.  The course results in a Balanced Scorecard Professional (BSP) Certificate.





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