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Fission Strategy

Igniting social action for good

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Fission creates digital campaigns, projects, and tools that mobilize large-scale social action and WIN on today’s most important issues.

Fission creates digital campaigns, projects, and tools that mobilize large-scale social action and WIN on today’s most important issues.

We don’t do cookie-cutter. We go deep. We’ve all joined this team in order to work with people like you in creating lasting positive impact on the world. And that’s what we intend to do.

Our team has been around the block enough to know what doesn’t work as much as what does, and we have the relationships and expertise to turn truly game-changing ideas into reality.

If you’re a political group, nonprofit, business or cause seeking to solve a seemingly intractable problem, buck the status quo, tell the truth about an important issue, or create a vibrant web presence for your community, you’ve come to the right place.

Here are some of the ways we can help…


Our strategy team has built campaigns and initiatives that (actually) help solve problems and create lasting impact for years. It’s our honor to work closely with our clients in creating a road map to WIN with your cause or organization.


Using our renowned social media scanning process, and the new app built by our team, we develop a holistic understanding of WHO is talking about your issue, WHERE they’re talking about it, WHAT they’re saying and HOW they’re saying it. As the picture becomes clear, we identify the most important conversations to engage with and lead.

VISUAL STORY: Branding & Design

The way your project or campaign looks and feels will be the first way that people interact with it. So it needs to be really darn great. We create unforgettable logos, tones, style guides, and visual messaging that capture the essential spirit of your campaign and make supporters proud to promote your cause.


Big ideas and good intentions are worthless until they’re well articulated and repeatable. We develop clear and deeply compelling messaging that pulls the heartstrings, engages the mind, and tells the story of your campaign and your supporters.


Even the most amazing organizations and campaigns can’t solve today’s problems on their own. Your mission requires that you engage hundreds, thousands, or maybe even millions of others. We will work with you to build a network of leaders, organizers and grassroots supporters in your online and offline community.


Whether its one big event or a distributed action across the country (or world), Fission will work with you to plan, advertise and orchestrate an event that brings together your most critical stakeholders. And we’ll have a lot of fun doing it.


From soup to nuts, we’ll ensure your cause is having a two-way conversation through a vibrant social media presence — as well as set up and advise on the tools that will support your staff and strengthen campaigns. We’ll work with you through everything from social sites like Facebook and Twitter, or more specific platforms like Pinterest, Instagram and Storify when they’re effective.


As Facebook’s® only Preferred Marketing Developer that specializes in nonprofits and causes, Fission creates custom social media applications with direct Facebook and Twitter integration.


Fission is prepared to handle any web development needs you have, from full website designs and launches to mini-sites for campaigns and email template design. We are experts with a variety of CRMs and CMSs, and have our own custom CMS available for clients when it has the functionality you require.


We know that strategy and tools are only as good as the people using them. We’ll work with your staff – from the executives to the interns – as well as your supporters, activists or grantees, to ensure everyone understands the strategy, and has the knowledge and tools necessary to fully execute your campaign or project.



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