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Firefly Partners

Helping you conquer the world of online engagement

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Firefly Partners is a website design company focused on small to mid-sized nonprofit organizations. We help our clients use online tools and technology to communicate, advocate and raise money to furt

Firefly Partners is here to help you conquer the world of online engagement – one email address at a time. Our team has a broad range of expertise that includes almost all things happening online today. We’ve all worked inside nonprofit organizations, so we understand the opportunities and challenges that you face every day. Let us help you get things done.

We love our jobs, and we bring that sense of optimism and fun to each and every project. Our methods are effective and efficient. Firefly listens to our clients and does the work right the first time, using realistic project plans to guide the work from kick off to sign off so YOU feel like a success!


It doesn’t matter whether we are designing a small microsite or a large and complex centerpiece site for your organization – our design process follows a path!


You might need a strategic planning session if you have a new website, new online tools or functionality.  It’s pretty common for organizations to need to stop and ‘take stock’ in order to prioritize your goals and tasks going forward.


They said it couldn’t be done. They were wrong. Our team loves figuring it out – making it work – getting to that magic moment of ‘Eureka!!’. We’re not miracle workers, but most of the time we can get our clients what they want with a minimum of fuss.


Ah, Facebook and Twitter. They’ve both become essential in the nonprofit marketing toolkit. They give you fresh user generated content, they are globally ubiquitous, and they are FREE!  What’s not to love?


You need to (check all that apply): Raise money; influence an elected official and raise money; increase your email list size and raise money; beef up your social networking presence and raise money; and oh yeah – raise money.  Luckily, we’ve got the skills to help you make it happen!


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