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Convio provides online Constituent Relationship Management (eCRM) tools and services that help organizations to attract, motivate and retain constituents for fundraising, advocacy and other support. Convio's product suite includes modules for Web content

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Convio provides online Constituent Relationship Management (eCRM) tools and services that help organizations to attract, motivate and retain constituents for fundraising, advocacy and other support. C


Online Constituent Relationship Management (eCRM)
Software and Services for Nonprofits

Convio provides the leading eCRM solution to make your organization successful online.  From creating Web content, to building deep profiles of your supporters, communicating through email, enabling online support (such as donations and action alerts) and synchronizing with existing offline systems, Convio’s modular solution gives you the tools to proceed at your own pace–all backed by comprehensive technical, consulting and support services to help ensure your success.

Using Convio, you can manage large volumes of relationships in a very personalized and cost-effective manner with both current and prospective constituents. With this solution, you can create better relationships overall — online and offline —  within  your specific function (such as fundraising), and across your entire organization.

Direct response fundraising
Attract new constituents to your Web site and encourage them to provide their email addresses and other key information. After learning about their interests and motivations, you can use that information to personalize online communications and appeals for higher response rates.

Web content management
Whether it’s for a department or an entire organization, Convio provides tools for easily creating and managing Web content. Non-technical users can create and manage Web pages with content tailored to constituent interests.

Email Marketing
Cost-effectively targeting the right audience can be cumbersome and inefficient. Through regular, personalized communication via email and your Web site, you can turn mass-marketing into relationship-marketing in a cost-effective manner.

Volunteer fundraising
Convio helps you to reach new prospects and make campaigns more effective. Personal Web pages and email tools give special event participants and other constituents the tools to reach out to their network of friends and family, tapping new supporters for your organization.

Acquiring and renewing members are significant challenges — not to mention conveying the benefits of different membership levels, and providing differentiated benefits for members. Directories, members-only Web content and email newsletters allow you to increase renewal rates and tailor membership appeals to the interests and histories of individual constituents.

Charity galas, walks, class reunions and other functions all demand good promotion and convenient registration. With Convio, event promotion, registration and ticketing are quick and convenient.

Recruit activists online and provide ways for constituents to take action through email, Web forms, faxes and letters. Not only are these methods convenient, they are trackable, allowing you to identify and reward your strongest supporters.

Affiliate management
Distributing control between national organizations and local affiliates can be difficult. Convio provides tools for local groups to create, publish, and revise Web and email content in the context of a consistent national message, look and brand. Organizations can also exclusively assign active or potential constituents to a specific affiliate for a more personal, tailored set of communications.



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