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We empower your members to organize their networks

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ControlShift is a set of web tools that helps your organization build community, leadership, and real power among your members. We are committed to moving beyond traditional broadcast campaigning and

Our software empowers ordinary people from Bangalore to St. Louis to win their own campaigns for social change.

When our movements go beyond broadcast, we return to our roots as community organizers. Sending national email broadcasts isn’t sufficient to win progressive changes. Our software combined with your organizing advice and support helps make empowered local leaders possible.

The technology is vital. But so is reformulating the relationships between organizations and members.

ControlShift is invested in helping you embrace the many talents and resources of your members. We’ve started with a toolset that lets members start their own campaigns, but see that as only the beginning. We need to give movements better tools for deeper engagement than petition signatures to win the fights that matter.

More features that you can shake a stick at.

Each carefully crafted to help you empower your members.

Grow Your List

Tap into new social networks and causes that your staff haven’t seen yet.

Help Your Members

Help your members campaign on the issues that they are most passionate about.

Mobilize (literally)

It’s a mobile world, and we’ve optimized pages for iPhone and Android.

Get insights and support

We’ll tell you which campaigns are hot, and help you organize your activists to be effective.

Be Scalable

Built by a global team of the progressive movement’s top technologists. We’ll grow along with you.

Own your data

We’re powered by open source software and believe that you own your own data.


Let members take the lead and run local, massively distributed versions of your national campaigns.

Mission Driven

We are a not-for-profit on a mission to make online activism more participatory.


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