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Community TechKnowledge

Community TechKnowledge is committed to providing technology tools that increase the capacity and impact of service providers and funders, helping them address the needs of our communities.

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Community TechKnowledge is committed to providing technology tools that increase the capacity and impact of service providers and funders, helping them address the needs of our communities.

Community TechKnowledge (CTK) was founded on the understanding that nonprofit organizations worldwide have traditionally faced many challenges in managing their client, donor and agency information.

 CTK currently has over 150 nonprofit customers in the US and the UK.

 Prior to founding CTK, our President, Kathryn Engelhardt-Cronk spent over twenty years working in various management capacities in different nonprofits where she recognized a consistent lack of ability in managing this type of information.

Equally important, she saw that the agencies she worked for and other agencies she interacted with were also strapped in their ability to take the data that was being gathered and do accurate and constructive reporting, either to validate their efforts to their funders, or simply to determine the impact they were having on their communities.

Online Data Manager (ODM)

CTK’s premier product provides web-based client/agency tracking and output/outcome reporting for social service and funding organizations. To date, there are nearly 100 nonprofit organizations across the United States that rely on the ODM for their data management. Included in this group of nonprofit organizations are several United Way funded agencies, as well as the Greater Twin Cities United Way.


ODM Designer

Building on CTK’s dedication to empowering our customers with the ability to effectively manage their data and track the information they need to track, we’ve developed the ODM Designer. The ODM Designer is a non-technical user’s tool for building and making changes to an agency’s Online Data Manager. Our experience has shown us that many nonprofit organizations who are using the common data management tools such MS Access or FileMaker Pro are often limited in the changes they can make to their databases because of the associated expenses and delays of having to hire programmers to make those changes.

In many cases, the lack of ability to track specific data has cost agencies potential funding and also prevents agencies from getting a clear picture of how the services they’re providing are actually impacting their community.

With the ODM Designer, customers using the Online Data Manager can now go into their database and literally drag and drop fields and forms to make the “on-the-fly” changes they need to make to stay current with the demands of their funders and the needs of their service recipients – without spending agency budget dollars on hiring programmers!

The ODM Designer is provided free to our customers at their request.


ODM Xpress


The ODM Xpress was created in cooperation with the United Way to help United Ways across the country continue to be the best charitable giving option.

The ODM Xpress provides United Way funded agencies with a smart, simple, secure, and affordable way to instantly report critical service provision in United Way Community Impact Areas.

The ODM Xpress can also be used to foster communication among funded agencies and to collect and store grant applications, audits, technology and board information, and campaign materials.

The ODM Xpress benefits both the United Way and its funded agencies

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CTK works exclusively with nonprofit organizations in the US and the UK.  Many of our staff members are former social service workers and understand the challenges of the organizations we work with.


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