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The simplest way to manage your charitable giving

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Make tax deductible charitable contributions to your Catapultian Account today and, when the time is right in the future, seamlessly allocate funds to your favorite charities

Start preparing your giving legacy today

We know you are busy and sometimes you might not know which charities you want to support. But, that doesn’t mean you should give whimsically. With Catapultian, you can make deposits into a Catapultian Account, and immediately receive a charitable contribution receipt to reduce your tax liability. In the future, when you are more certain of your charitable priorities or have saved enough to make a greater contribution, we will send funds to the charities of your choice.

Give with confidence to what matters to you

With Catapultian, you never need to worry about whether the organization you are giving to is in fact tax exempt or that your giving makes it to the organization of your choice. In your Dashboard, you’ll find a complete list of all 501(c)(3) public charities and U.S. exempt organizations (along with an easy to use search engine). Simply search for the organization and click the “Send funds” button. We’ll make sure the exact amount you send makes it to the organization.

One receipt for all your giving

Whenever you deposit funds into your Account, Catapultian, a 501(c)(3) public charity, will email you a charitable giving receipt that may be used to reduce your tax liability. Additionally, we maintain a single receipt in your Dashboard detailing all your giving. No more searching through emails for receipts or contacting organizations to ask them to send you a receipt. At the end of the year, just click “Print receipt” in your Dashboard, and save the page for tax purposes.

A free system for both you and nonprofits

Save your favorite charity from all the administrative work that comes from accepting donations. 100% of the value you deposit into your Catapultian Account is tax deductible. We charge no maintenance fees, no management fees, and no fees, to you or the charity, when you send funds from your account to a charity. Rather, a transparent transaction fee structure consisting of a payment processing fee (of 2.9% + 30¢ on credit cards) + a 2% donation to Catapultian is deducted from deposits.

All in a system that puts security first

We take the security of our users and our system as a whole super, super seriously. We process all payments and financial data with industry-leading technologies, only allow traffic using strong TLS protocols and ciphers, and never redirect you away from our site for transaction-related activities. Did we mention Catapultian even has a custom messaging platform? This allows you to interact with charities without ever sharing your mailing or email address.


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