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The fully integrated campaign solution

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Camelot is a constituent database that helps nonprofits manage contacts and conduct outreach through email, direct mail, phone banks, and door-to-door canvasses.

Camelot is a web-based constituent database and outreach tool designed for use by your entire team. Camelot makes it easy to track all of your volunteers, supporters, donors, and other contacts, including custom fields, tags, and notes.

We also offer targeted, integrated outreach by direct mail, blast email, phone banks, and door-to-door canvasses.

Full constituent database

You can import contacts from a comma-separated value (CSV) file, which you can generate from Microsoft Excel or most database programs. Every contact automatically gets a record in Camelot to track demographic and contact information, any tags and notes you add, a voting history, and the results of outreach. You can create custom lists based on any criteria you choose, which makes it simple to target specific contact groups with messages likely to resonate with them.

Online phone banking

Camelot makes it easy for your volunteers to make phone calls from their computers, wherever they are. You upload a script and choose a list to target; callers are shown who to call and prompted to record pertinent information as they go.

Door-to-door canvassing

There are two ways to canvass people with Camelot; in either case, you can choose a target list, and we’ll automatically generate walk sheets. Many clients view walk sheets and record results on their mobile devices as they walk, so encounters are visible in real-time and there’s no data entry after the fact. We also generate printabe, PDF walk sheets, segmented by city, precinct, street, and odd and even house numbers.

Blast emails

Camelot automates the process of sending plain-text or rich HTML emails. We’ll show you stats—clicks, links visited, bounces, and more—and can handle unsubscribe requests automatically. As with all outreach in Camelot, you can choose a subset of your contacts to target, so everybody receives a carefully tailored message.

Direct mailings

Direct mail continues to be an important avenue for outreach. We allow you to upload and share your mailing collateral. You can then generate Avery mailing labels in several formats, for small mailings, and for larger mailings you can export a bulk mail-ready spreadsheet for a mail fulfillment vendor.

Document collaboration

Any organization with more than a couple of staff knows about the challenges of sharing documents. Dozens of emails with various attached versions, no record of what changes were made, and frequent confusion about the latest version. Camelot allows you to upload documents and track unlimited versions for each—all shared with your staff.

Unlimited users and roles

Camelot is designed for your whole staff and all your volunteers. As an administrator, you can create as many users as you’d like, with permissions restricted by roles you select. So you can access everything in Camelot, while making sure that new volunteers can’t do more than you want.




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