ACME Informatics, LLC

Experienced Informatics and Data Mining specialist offering affordable services to help your organization make the most of data and information.

Is your organization swamped with data, overloaded with information, or hamstrung by unwieldy spreadsheets and databases? We can help process, integrate, manage, analyze, and visualize data to get the answers you need. We have experience in the corporate sector working with 'big data' and would like to provide that expertise to non-profit organizations who can benefit.

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ACME Informatics, LLC

Full Description

Expert in several aspects of data management, analysis, and visualization.
Specialized in mining and integrating disparate streams of information such as Excel, Filemaker, various flavors of SQL, natural language processing, web crawling, etc.
Contact me if you feel you can get more out of the data you have or if there are data streams you need to tap and integrate with existing sources.
Databases, spreadsheets, natural language processing, web crawling…bring them together to make the data work for you!




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